Shilton Family Law is a boutique family law practice.

Specialising in all aspects of family law we will work closely with you to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

How can we help you:
 Families with children
Couples with no children
Empty nesters

Our History

Aleta Shilton has over 25 years experience in Family Law. She is broadly experienced in all areas of family law including complex children and property matters. She represents a variety of clients who each have a range of family law problems that relate to them individually.  Because of her experience she is able to implement strategies designed for each client's particular circumstances and needs.  

Prior to setting up her own practice Aleta held a number of senior positions in prominent law firms in both Victoria and Western Australia including being the State and National Family Law Practice manager at a National firm for 12 years and the Managing Associate at a local firm for 7 years. 

Our Philosophy

So you have separated from  your partner and need help sorting out what happens next. Our aim is to listen to your situation and work with you to achieve an outcome that is the best fit for you and your family. Because we have the expertise and extensive and varied experience we can look at strategies that may sometimes seem to be "outside the box".  By being prepared to be flexible and look at what is important to you we are able to tailor our approach to your needs and your life.

We can work with you and your financial or other advisors (if needed) to sort your situation out.   There are no clear winners in the breakdown of a family.  What is important is resolving differences with minimal emotional stress, time and resulting legal fees. We would like the opportunity to help you.

WHAT we do

We provide advice and representation to people who are experiencing the breakdown of their family relationships.   

What our clients say

I have been a client of Aleta's and cannot speak highly enough of her legal skills and knowledge of family law. I have been extremely satisfied with the advice and representation provided. Aleta has demonstrated genuine care for my wellbeing. The legal fees are reasonable but more importantly they are fully transparent about the costs and what you can expect from both the process and costs to be incurred. Being involved in a family law matter was emotionally traumatic but a great deal of the stress was alleviated by having an excellent lawyer who cared about my case and who wanted and achieved a positive outcome for me.  I highly recommend that you contact Aleta for any family law issues that you may have. 


Our Latest News

28th January 2020      Shilton Family Law is open for business!


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